Important Information Regarding Changes In Septic System Regulations

Title 5 is a MA State Regulation

Title 5 Inspectors are licensed by the State and should provide you with their license number.

The inspector is a “Collector of Evidence” and is responsible for filling out the 17 page report.

This report is given to the homeowner and to the Board of Health in the town where the property is located.

For “laymen’s” information, call the office and we can help to explain any concerns you may have. (508)-248-7242

For more information, click HERE for Full Website Title V Inspection Page

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Title V

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What is Title 5 Maintenance?
Simply put, pump your tank to keep your system working property.

A septic tank, cesspool has three distinct layers:

1. Top-scum cap

2. Middle-grey water (treated water, ok to go to leach area)

3. Bottom-sludge (broken down solids area) Must be pumped out so that the solids DO NOT enter your leach area causing failure of your system.

Your Title 5 is good for 2-years, if you pump your tank/cesspool once a year from the date of your Title 5, then your Title 5 is good for 3-years.

For more information, click HERE for Full Website Title V Maintenance Page