What is Title 5 Maintenance?
Simply put, pump your tank to keep your system working property.

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A septic tank, cesspool has three distinct layers:
· Top-scum cap
· Middle-grey water (treated water, ok to go to leach area)
· Bottom-sludge (broken down solids area) Must be pumped out so that the solids DO NOT
enter your leach area causing failure of your system.
Your Title 5 is good for 2-years, if you pump your tank/cesspool once a year from the date of your Title 5, then your Title 5 is good for 3-years.
Now, to all your neighbors and friends who say, “I haven’t pumped my tank for 10 years and it is just fine.”  Well, guess what---where have all those solids gone?  There is nothing that will make the sludge layer disappear.
DON'T WAIT until you have a problem! 
Here's how a septic/cesspool works.

We send out reminder cards to help you to maintain your system so it’s not, “out of sight, out of mind.”
When a Title 5 is performed, we will send a reminder card to the property address under current resident so in the event of another sale of the property, the homeowner may not have to have another Title 5 done if the property has been maintained, pumped.
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