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Frequesntly Asked Questions
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1. How often should I pump out my tank/cesspool?
A. Technically, when the solids content reaches 1/3 of the total capacity of the septic tank.  So in other words, it is based on personal usage. 
Example:  A family of 4 with a 1,000-gallon tank we recommend to pump every 2 years.  A family of 2 with 1,000-gallon tank less often.  We suggest a system 10 years or older to pump once a year.
2. How much does it cost for a new septic system?
A. Prices vary due to ground water determination, rate of soil to absorb water and the amount of water that needs to be treated. 
Example:  110 gallons per day per bedroom has to be treated.
Example:  5-bedroom house with a good perk rate and low ground water could be less expensive than a 3-bedroom house with high perk rate and high ground water.

B. We can provide free estimates after receiving your Engineered Plan.
3. How often do you have to pump a holding tank?
A. Holding tank is a structure where no water exits.  All the water put into a holding tank comes from the plumbing in the house.  Pumping is based upon personal water usage.
4. Is my tank/cesspool full?
A. Yes... it is always filled with liquid to the height of the outlet pipe - See: Homeowners pamphlet for illustration.  The real concern should be: is it full of solids?  See question #1.
5. How will my garbage disposal affect my septic system?
A. Adversely: Grease and garbage does not get treated by the naturally occurring bacteria in the tank.  In other words it does not break down and can accumulate quickly to a point where it will flow out into your leach field and cause it to plug/interfere with its leaching capabilities.
6. You just pumped my tank 2 days ago and I looked in and it's full again.  Why?
A. See question #4.  Note: we have found that a family of 4 on average will use close to or about 1,000 gallons of water in a week - after a few days, if you lift the hatch (Hatch Peeker) the water level in the tank will be working its way up to the outlet pipe or the normal working level of the septic tank.
7. Why can't you give me a time when you can be here?
A. We operate our trucks and our route as efficiently as possible in order for us to keep our prices as low as possible for you our customer.  Due to the nature of this business there are emergencies that must be prioritized during the course of any normal working day.
Example:  You requested a time say, 10:00am.  Technician arrives at work at 7:00am - jobs scheduled for that day put you 3rd of the day to make 10:00am for your.  1st job, people were supposed to have cover exposed, it was not - technician spent 20 extra minutes digging cover.  Enroute to 2nd job an emergency backup is called in to technician right in the same town as 1st job.  He must stop here - because now this becomes the most efficient stop.  Now, the technician's truck is full and he must go to a treatment plant before any more work is done.  Now the 10:00am appointment turns into a 1:00pm appointment and we have an upset customer.
8. Where do you dump the waste?
A. We are licensed to dispose at several D.E.P. approved waste water treatment plans.
9. My water softener discharges into my septic tank, is this OK?
A. NO---Water softeners discharge a brine (salt ) solution. Salt kills bacteria. When the bacteria goes "dead" the solids in your tank go into solution. This solution will exit your tank and go into your leach field and PLUG it up. Solids should break-down and fall to the bottom of your tank--this is the normal process in a properly working tank. No bacteria, NO break-down.

Water softeners can be discharged from your home through other means......
a dry-well, perimeter drain, on top of the ground. The discharge is considered non regulated waste. If you need more info, E-Mail us and we can give you the Title-5 page and paragraph regarding the water softeners.
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